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Automating MS Word: Text File Data to Bookmarks

In this video, I demonstrate how to take data stored in a text file, import it into Word, and then in bookmarks.Here are the links to the files in the video:

The Split Attention Effect

The Split-Attention Effect in Learning As a driver, I am sure that you are very careful and attentive and that you follow all the rules of the road. I am sure that you care about the other people on the road who, like you, are just

Learning and Scarcity

For the longest time, we have heard that education is the best way to achieve social mobility in society without using government redistribution. However, what if intelligence and poverty were connected? I first learned about this connection through Rutger Bregman who became famous for telling

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Virtual Communication Doesn’t Curb Creativity

Recently, the title of an article in the journal Nature claimed that “Virtual communication curbs creative idea generation.”  The only problem is that it’s not really true.  Reading the article, I discovered that it’s not the virtual communication that curbs creative idea generation, it’s the

Video without Narration.

Last year, I lost my voice; it went hoarse. It took a couple of days for my voice to come back.  However, it forced me to think about what might happen if I could no longer narrate my videos.  So, I decided to see if

Artificial Intelligence for Beginners

Artificial intelligence is an interesting term. For some reason, most people hear the word “intelligence” but somehow miss the word “artificial.” It’s an over-hyped term; in fact, there is a term for it: technology bias. It’s the automatic belief that the next new thing will