Cloning the New York Times Copy Edit This Quiz

I teach writing. The problem is that you want to test a student’s ability to edit and find mistakes, but you want to follow the rule of specificity, which states that the test you’re using should be as close to a real-world context as you can get. Multiple-choice questions don’t really work when testing someone’s ability to spot grammatical mistakes. Probably the closest test would be the New York Time’s Copy Edit This! Quiz

Here is a link to the final product:

The Copy Edit This! Quiz presents a sentence or a paragraph and then the user clicks on the word or word that is part of the phrase that is the problem. If it is incorrect, it says, sorry and lets you try again. After three attempts, it asks if you want to “Give up?”. Clicking on the “Give up?”, reveals the answer. If you want to, you can keep going. If you get it right, it tells you that you got it correct and reveals the answer below the passage with a complete explanation. The same is true, if you click on “Give up?”. As you scroll over each word, they turn from black to red and raise slightly so that the user is fully aware of what word they are on. Only words light up, not phrases. If a phrase is the problem, the user only has to hit one of the words in that phrase to get it right.

This video demonstrates the process.

An example of the New York Time’s Copy Edit This! Quiz.

At first, I wanted to replicate it exactly as you see it, but then decided against that because I am going to use it as part of a course in Blackboard and convert it into a SCORM. My final product is a combination of the Copy Edit This! Quiz and this Quiz Game.

Here is a link to the final product:

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