Javascript / SCORM Quiz Application for LMS (NYT Copy Edit This Clone)

I teach writing. So, one of the things I strive to adhere to is the “specificity principle” of learning. The specificity principle of learning simply means that how your learning should reflect the real world application of what you’re learning. For example, if you want to teach students editing skills, you shouldn’t use multiple choice questions that ask them to pick the correct sentence because that’s not what editing is like in reality. When an editor edits a piece of writing, they don’t get to pick from a number of sentences in each passage. They have to be able to spot the mistake and fix it. This is why I always liked The New York Times’s Copy Edit This Quiz.

In the Copy Edit This Quiz, the user has to find the mistake and simply click on it.

The New York Times’s Copy Edit This Quiz

It’s pretty straightforward and rather easy to use. Just find the mistake and click. If you get it wrong, it notes the attempt.

I decided to create something similar, but with some changes. First, I didn’t want everything on a single page. I wanted one question at a time and to score it as it went along. I did this because I wanted to make this into a SCORM package that could be loaded into an LMS like Blackboard or Canvas. By having it present one question at a time, it would be easier for a student to pick up where they left off. That way I needed to keep track of what question the student was on. I didn’t need to keep track of all their answers.

Well, the final product turned out great.
You can find a video here:

You can find the application outside of the SCORM package here:

Now, remember, the SCORM version that you’re seeing will not save because it’s not installed into an LMS. Too see how it operates in an LMS, use this link to Scorm Cloud:

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