Writing: Where Do I Begin?

Oftentimes, I don’t know where to begin when I’m trying to write. Ideas that were just right in front of me, now fade. Turning over every blade of memory, I struggle to come up with something interesting. And this brings me to my first point: record your ideas when they come to you. Pen, pencil, paper, phone, recorder, email, whatever. Don’t think that you’re going to remember it later. It doesn’t happen.

There are some techniques to writing something original and hopefully interesting. You start by writing three things that you are interested in; for example, I like bicycles, pizza, and music. Then you write three academic topics that you’re interested in. For me, that could be learning, the law, and science.

Now, we combine them. Here are some of the topics I came up with.

  1. What kids learn from riding a bicycle.
  2. Bicycle laws
  3. The physics of bicycles.
  1. Learning fractions with pizza.
  2. Pizza laws (?? is this even a thing).
  3. the Science of Pizza.
  1. Using music to learn and remember
  2. Copyright and Music
  3. The Science of Music

Now, this may seem pretty simple, but it’s not. A lot of students don’t have any interest in academic subjects; they have a family and a job, and to them, a career is about making money. They don’t have any real interest in becoming more educated. They just want the grades, the diploma, and the job. If this is you, good luck, you’ll need it in school and your career. You’ll need luck because your lack of interest in academics will show in your schoolwork and your career.