Video without Narration.

Last year, I lost my voice; it went hoarse. It took a couple of days for my voice to come back.  However, it forced me to think about what might happen if I could no longer narrate my videos.  So, I decided to see if there was a way to make videos that were effective, but without narration.  In addition, I also want to improve my workflow when making videos involving a lot of typing such as when coding or writing essays and papers.

So, I recycled an older program that I had created using type.js, jQuery, javascript, and buzz.js for the sound.  When you go to the page, you are greeted with a <textarea>, a submit button, and some settings such as start delay, typespeed, line pause, and content type.  Simply paste the code or text you want animated and hit the Submit button.  From there you are moved to a black screen with white text that is typed onto the screen and the sound of a keyboard.  At the end of every line, there is a 1-second pause and the new line begins.

I plan on adding the ability to change the style of the animation to include a paper background, a courier style font, and the sound of an old fashion typewriter.