Learning and Scarcity

For the longest time, we have heard that education is the best way to achieve social mobility in society without using government redistribution. However, what if intelligence and poverty were connected? I first learned about this connection through Rutger Bregman who became famous for telling

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Virtual Communication Doesn’t Curb Creativity

Recently, the title of an article in the journal Nature claimed that “Virtual communication curbs creative idea generation.”  The only problem is that it’s not really true.  Reading the article, I discovered that it’s not the virtual communication that curbs creative idea generation, it’s the

Learning Styles Don’t Help

To sum up, learning styles go to the content and not the person.  There isn’t a medical school teaching surgeons via audio tapes because they’re auditory learners.  In fact, learning styles violate a fundamental law of learning: the specificity principle,  which means that you teach

Video without Narration.

Last year, I lost my voice; it went hoarse. It took a couple of days for my voice to come back.  However, it forced me to think about what might happen if I could no longer narrate my videos.  So, I decided to see if

Artificial Intelligence for Beginners

Artificial intelligence is an interesting term. For some reason, most people hear the word “intelligence” but somehow miss the word “artificial.” It’s an over-hyped term; in fact, there is a term for it: technology bias. It’s the automatic belief that the next new thing will

The Perfect Workout

I started competitive sports when I was in third grade. I was seven at the time because my birthday isn’t until the end of May. So, I started playing basketball in 1974, and it wasn’t like it is now. At seven, we had grueling two-hour

Writing: Where Do I Begin?

Oftentimes, I don’t know where to begin when I’m trying to write. Ideas that were just right in front of me, now fade. Turning over every blade of memory, I struggle to come up with something interesting. And this brings me to my first point:

How Covid Deaths are Counted

I found this excellent article at the Association of American Medical Colleges that explains how it all works. What I like about this article is that it goes over the history of the media coverage and explains why there are conspiracy theorists who claim that