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weight lifting

Exercises that Maximize Muscle Activation

When exercising, the goal is to activate as many muscles as you can.  Pulse exercises are very effective because you are catching the weight, which activates a lot of muscles.  And you are flexing an almost completely flexed muscle which also activates a lot of muscles.  

Youtube Guitar Lessons

I have been learning the guitar and found this video to be better than most when it comes to learning to play the electric guitar. The channel is the Henry Olsen Guitar lessons

John Steinbeck on Writing

I found this great article about John Steinbeck on Medium.

The Effects of Computers: We think we are smarter than we are.

The article makes two very interesting points. The first is that if people think they can just look something up, then they don’t remember the information as well. But more importantly, people think that the computer’s abilities are their abilities and delude themselves into thinking

Google’s Ngram Viewer

The Ngram Viewer allows you to view how many times certain phrases and words appear in books and print during a certain period of time. Here the Ngram Viewer is showing the phrase “war on traditional values.”

Expecting to teach enhances learning, recall

“When compared to learners expecting a test, learners expecting to teach recalled more material correctly, they organized their recall more effectively and they had better memory for especially important information,” said lead author John Nestojko, PhD, a postdoctoral researcher in psychology in Arts & Sciences

My Favorite Essays

Best Essays: Some of My Favorite Essays “Second Thoughts on Certainty: Saint Jean de Brebeuf among the Hurons”—Tobias Wolff From the Book Tremor of Bliss “A Bag of Possibilities and Other Matters of the Mind“—Robert Fulghum From Newsweek Fall/Winter 1990 “The Missing Ingredient”—Hernando de Soto From the Economist

How Great Writers End Their Articles

How Great Writers End Their Articles What you can learn from the final paragraphs of 100 top feature articles from Malcolm Gladwell, the Atlantic, Fast Company, and the New York Times

How Great Writing Begins

I found this great article at BetterHumans that looks at how most non-fiction writing begins using a statistical analysis of modern online magazines such as the Atlantic, Fast Company, and the NYTimes Op-Ed. I think that it could help writing students see what strategies professional

Neural Network for a Complete or Incomplete Sentence.

Using the article, “You can build a neural network in JavaScript even if you don’t really understand neural networks,” (Simmons, 2018) I decided that I wanted to see if I could do something similar.  Daniel created a neural network that tries to decipher whether a